Sensory TBC7

8 boxes @ 5.98 SQyds/box (430.56Qft)


The City collection allows you to mix and match patterns, colors and installation methods to create a unique visual experience! To achieve a completely different look from room to room with the same style, simply turn the tiles 90 degrees or place them in herringbone or ashlar! In addition, these high-performance carpet tiles, with their thermoplastic vinyl backing, are easy to cut and install, stable and resistant to soil and stains. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as hotel or condo hallways. Through-stained and statically controlled, they will not discolour in the sun and are unaffected by moisture.

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Green Label Plus Certification
Ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.

Product Identification
Style Name: Sensory
Style Number: Tbc7
Construction: Multi-Level Loop
Fiber Type: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Installation Methods: Herringbone, Ashlar, Quarter Turn (planks)

Commercial Use: 15 Years